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New-look plan for Services.......Here's a brief overview:

  9.00am Service (1st Sunday)

   On the first Sunday of each month we gather for a time of word, worship & communion. 

   9.00am - TABS (Teaching and Bible Study)

 (2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Sunday)

   A chance to engage with the Bible and to think and relate it to our lives.

   8.30am - Breakfast Church

(2nd Sunday)

   Bringing the best of Messy Church and the family service into a fun packed morning of eating together, fun

   activities and worship

   10.30am - Service

    Gather all together on a Sunday morning.  All ages gather together to meet with God.  You'll find sung worship, prayer,   

    teaching & a whole host of other things.  There is also age appropriate teaching and activities for the children.

  6.30pm - Evening Service

   A chance to gather together on a Sunday evening in an informal setting.  Worship, prayer, teaching, space, hopefully some 

   creativity as well.

                     Monthly calendar


                                                      1st Sunday

                                           9am - Worship and Communion Service

                                           10.30am - Service (with Sunday Club)

                                           6.30pm   - Café Church (Café  area)

                                           2nd Sunday

                                           8.30am   - Breakfast Church  

                                        10.30am - Service (no Sunday Club)

                                      6.30pm   - Worship Event

                                         3rd Sunday

                                      9am - TABS (Teaching and Bible Study)

                                     10.30am - Service (with Sunday Club)

                                     6.30pm   - Teaching and Worship 

                          4th Sunday

                                    9am- TABS (Teaching and Bible Study)

                                    10.30am - Service (with Sunday Club)

                                   6.30pm   - Teaching and Worship 

                         5th Sunday

                                  9am - TABS (Teaching and Bible Study)

                                10.30am - Service (with Sunday Club)

                                   6.30pm   - Teaching and Worship

Prayer & Communion

On a Wednesday we meet in the Chapel to share Communion together from 1.00-1.30pm.

We also meet on Tuesdays from 7.30-8.30pm.

Home Groups

Regularly meet in homes to explore faith and life and to see what God is saying.  It's a chance to meet in smaller groups and to share lives at a closer level.  Most of these are on Wednesday evenings but there are a few that meet on different days & at different times.  Contact the Church Office to find out more.





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