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At the heart of the vision we share at QRBC is the desire to express our faith as living and active. Since the mid-1960’s when the present halls were constructed the church has found various ways of connecting with the wider community. In the late 1990’s this led to the formation of the Gap project. Since that time the use of the existing halls increased to such a level that they no longer facilitated the vision the church has.

As we entered a time of consultation at the beginning in 2005 the church viewed a number of alternatives which included the option of moving off-site but eventually felt that the present town-centre location was central to its life and witness. The outcome was a vision for a new multi-purpose worship area which would provide greater flexibility and a more comfortable environment for people. Hence the plans to re-develop the existing site which was completed by June 2011.

The weekend of June 10th-12th June was a time of great excitment and thanksgiving. Well over a 1000 people from the community came; lots of food was eaten; a number of concerts were held in the main auditorium (main worship area) and a service of thanksgiving was held. The Mayor and the Mayoress, David and Mave Saunders, together with the two longest serving members of the church, Will and Lena Small, Paul Eastwood representing Global Challenge (the churches work in Soroti, Uganda), Paul Kirby the SEBA regional minister, and Roy and Iris Booker representing the Gap Project opened the building. 


Once into the building we have discovered both the blessings and challenges of managing and using this amazing facility. New structures have had to be put into place, more volunteers were needed and everyone has had to adapt to working in new ways. The community has been full of praise for the facilities and lots of community groups are already using it. The cafe is open from 10-2pm from Monday- Saturday and is providing the place for people to meet and relax together. Its a very exciting place to be.  



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