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Our Vision

In May 2005 the church resolved 'that on the existing site we create a large multi-purpose facility where the church, together with the Gap Project and the wider community can share the common space.'

Following that and in consultation with all the groups that use the premises, the architect drew up plans and these were approved by the Thanet District Council. Tenders were received from building contractors and Farnrise appointed. In December 2009 the existing buildings were cleared out and the re-development work began in January 2010. Work was completed in June 2011.

The project came in at around £1.9m and funding has come through a loan of £1m obtained from the Baptist Union which has to be re-paid over the next 15 years, a £40,000 loan from the South East Baptist Association, and a grant of £100,000 from KCC for a designated youth area. The Church owes £280,451 plus interest as at 30th June 2017.   Still a way to go but a remarkable response.    

The project continues to be a huge challenge and is requiring a big commitment from the church and the wider community but we believe that God is in this and now that the building is in place the resources will continue to come to enable us to meet our outstanding commitments. 









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