Queens Road Baptist


Mission Statement

The aim of QRBC is to "reach, teach and release people into life in the Kingdom"

Our vision is to create a community where people are free to build relationships both with each-other and with God; an inclusive and welcoming community where people can come to explore faith, receive care and support, be themselves, and come within the blessings of the kingdom.

Together we want to learn the value of simplicity alongside the profound; the importance of interactive and creative discipling; the freshness of worship that connects the sacred with the everyday; the need to act as hosts and to welcome others; the joy of working together with God to make something happen; and to be rebuilt and renewed by God's active presence.

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Queens Road Baptist Church, Broadstairs is a UK Registered Charity. No: 1131955 - Tel: 01843 602762 - E-mail: contact via e-mail 
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