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FLOWER MINISTRY - Flowers in Church
As there are more people attending the services in Church, we will be restarting putting flowers into the Church for Sunday Service from the middle of June.
If you have previously been part of this ministry, by either providing flowers or contributing towards them, could you please contact Jan Bonner to book your dates for this year. The flowers are, after Sunday, sent out to people associated with the Church that are celebrating events or in need of encouragement.
You can contact Jan on 01843 595861 or email Roy.bonner00@btinternet.com.
Thanks Roy & Jan

I am part of an on-line song-writing community that encourages song writing for the local church (Resound Worship 12-song challenge). Each month a different theme is set, and the community writes and critiques each other's songs. The theme for June connects with an Old Testament event where Samuel set up a 'stone of help' (Ebenezer Stone) to remind the Israelites how God had helped them and been faithful to them in a tough time. The stone became a symbol which helped the people for many generations remember the experience of their ancestors.
The task then is to write a song that reflects the collective experience of the QRBC family of faith of the last 15 months. How has God been faithful to you/us in this unique and difficult time? It would be great if you would email me a line or two about your experiences of God's help during this time, how have you grown in your faith, what has God taught you/us? I can then try to weave this into a song.
Even if a useable song doesn't emerge from this process, it could still be a valuable gathering of information. All thoughts gratefully recieved.....
Samuel - samuelhearle@qrbc.net

01843 602762


Welcome to a community of people who love the chance to welcome and make new friends. At the centre of our life here is the desire to learn and experience what it means to follow the ways of Jesus. We want to invite  others to come and explore the Christian faith through our community life which is expressed through a whole range of different activities and groups. 

 If you would like to get in touch, you can email us.  Even better still, come and drop-in some time, there's always lots going on.  Check out our activities for more details.


John 13 : 35

"By this everyone will know

that you are my disciples, if you love one another"


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