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This will be our first meeting since early 2020! So lots to catch up with. As we do on Sundays, we will make sure chairs are spaced out and there is fresh air circulating. The meeting will include the elections of Deacons and Officers. We have three current Deacons standing down, Caroline Pick, Ian Hooper and Peter Okun - we are very grateful for their service, particularly through this difficult time. Two current Deacons are re-standing again, Simon Kemp and Teresa Fisher. We are aware of some other nominations coming through and will bring these names on Sunday.

BRIAN SMITH'S thanksgiving service will be on Friday 1st October at 2pm - the service in the Crematorium will follow for family only.

Message from Lynn and family - Dear All,
We have somewhat altered the plans for the service and celebration of John Myhill's life on the 25th September... It is STILL HAPPENING, and it still begins at 5.30pm... But we are now amalgamating the service and jazz so that everything will happen in the covid-safer confines of the large upstairs auditorium. This means everyone will be seated throughout, it's well ventilated, we can set aside an area at the back for those who want to wear masks (though this is encouraged for all) and don't want to sing, and it means the whole thing will be properly seen and streamed by all...
We will be serving drinks and cakes within the auditorium, and will organise it so that we bring it to your seats... Sorry there won't now be more food, but we feel this is the safest course of action. Those who wish to will be able to leave without having to mingle, others might wish to stay and talk. I feel we ought to all be responsible for our own safety, and that we can all respect others' preferences. The line-up looks wonderful; we are so grateful to all who have offered to speak and play. It should be a most fitting tribute to my amazing man. If the new set-up means you now feel more comfortable about coming, but haven't yet told me; please do drop me a line. There's still space atm �� (but we are restricting numbers for safety's sake)
Lynn and family ljmyhill@live.co.uk
Please make sure I know you're coming
Please take a lateral flow test on the morning of the 25th/ don't come if you have any symptoms, have been in close contact with anyone, or test positive.
Please note that we are encouraging the use of masks in the building.
We're suggesting smart but non-black attire.

Last Sunday's Service Catch-up - https://youtu.be/-YWeZ4k1auM
Daily Readings – Samuel explores some of the great invitations in Scripture - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgt9UbTdSMK9GFGCjmoyUJCYg9mVH-hoT
Bible Study – Stephen continues his look at how the Bible became the Bible - When did the Bible become the Bible? - Session 3 | From Book to Scripture

PODCASTS – Daily readings and sermons are available on your usual Podcast provider. Here is the link to last Sunday's sermon – 'What is church? – Mission - https://www.buzzsprout.com/1819399/9220449

Please remember to pray for the Youth Night Walk, this coming Friday night and Lynn and family as they prepare for the Thanksgiving service and celebration for the life of John Myhill. (This is also a gentle reminder for those intending to make cakes for the occasion!).

Hope you are having a blessed week -

01843 602762


Welcome to a community of people who love the chance to welcome and make new friends. At the centre of our life here is the desire to learn and experience what it means to follow the ways of Jesus. We want to invite  others to come and explore the Christian faith through our community life which is expressed through a whole range of different activities and groups. 

 If you would like to get in touch, you can email us.  Even better still, come and drop-in some time, there's always lots going on.  Check out our activities for more details.


John 13 : 35

"By this everyone will know

that you are my disciples, if you love one another"


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